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10 Minute Chicken Salad (Food Storage)

10 Minute Chicken Salad
by Misty on July 23, 2014 in 100% Food Storage

Mysti Says:  Can you believe the 4th of July has passed and there are only a few more weeks left until school starts? Where has the summer gone?

Well, if you ask the weather man, it is still going strong here. Man it is HOT! With all the heat, I’m sure many of you are like me….looking for some yummy recipes that don’t require the use of an oven or stove top!

Enter Chicken Salad. It is so versatile. You can eat it on over lettuce, as a sandwich, in a pita or even just on a cracker. And this particular recipe is very simple to whip up in just minutes since you don’t even need to cook the freeze dried chicken!

Or, if you already have a favorite chicken salad recipe, you can simply substitute the chicken called for with freeze dried chicken and cut your prep time (and heat) way down!

Alright, let’s get started! Gather all your ingredients:

Add 3/4 water to chicken and stir well. This will need to sit for about 10 minutes or so to hydrate. You will want to stir it 3-4 times.  (I often rehydrate in a zip lock bag.  Just put the freeze dried or dehydrated item in, add water or marinade, press air out and let sit.  Flip the bag over a couple of times while hydrating)

After chicken has hydrated (about 10 minutes), add celery and onions and another 1 tablespoon of water to the chicken. Stir well and allow to sit for just 1 minute or so.

Place chicken mixture and all the other ingredients in a serving bowl. Mix well and serve!

A couple notes from Mysti:
I like my cranberries and apples a bit crunchy so I don’t hydrate them before adding them to the salad. They hydrate a bit in the mayo and other liquid. But if you want them completely hydrated, add them to the chicken mixture before the celery and onions with about 2 tablespoons of water and let it sit for 2-3 minutes.
You could easily replace the cranberries with freeze dried grapes or add a bit of both!
If you have any of the ingredients fresh, you can use those instead of freeze dried.

10 Minute Chicken Salad

Rating: 5

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

This fantastic chicken salad is ready is just over 10 minutes with no cooking required!

What you need:
2 cups freeze dried chicken
3/4 cup water
1/4 cup freeze dried celery
2 tablespoons freeze dried onions
1 tablespoon water
1/4 cup freeze dried cranberries (and / or freeze dried grapes)
1/2 cup freeze dried apples, broken into small chunks.
2 tsp Thrive Salad Seasoning
1/2 cup mayo

What to do:
Add 3/4 cup water to chicken and let sit for 8-10 minutes stirring frequently.
Add onions, celery and 1 tablespoon water to chicken. Mix well and let sit for 1 minute.  (add 2T water if you want the veggies and fruit to be rehydrated and not crunchy)
Add cranberries(or grapes), apples, seasoning and mayo and mix well.
Serve on a pitas (like these homemade ones), or croissant, or roll, over lettuce or on a cracker!

Found at:   https://yourownhomestore.com/chicken-salad/

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