Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Homemade Kahlua Recipe

Homemade Kahlua Recipe
homemade kahluaIngredients:
4 cups water
1 1/2 cups instant coffee crystals
4 1/2 cups 100 proof vodka
8 cups sugar
2 vanilla beans


Mix water, sugar and coffee crystals. 
Heat and stir until dissolved. 
Cool to room temperature. 
Add vodka. 
Stir to combine. 
Pour mixture into 6, 12.5 oz. bottles. 
Cut each vanilla bean into thirds and drop bean into each bottle. 
After 2-3 weeks strain, remove beans and rebottle.

Makes the perfect gift!

1)  I make gallons of homemade Kahlua, and my recipe uses 2 cups fresh ground espresso beans steeped in 3 1/2 cups steaming hot water, Sumatra or Arabica are best. 2 vanilla beans, 3 1/2 cups sugar, 1 750ml bottle of 100 proof vodka (80 is fine too) and the peel (not the white part) of 1 orange. I use 1/2 gallon mason jars, steep for 1 month, filter, age for 2 months. I have also used black strap rum in a couple of my recipes. A good instant espresso powder is the Medaglia D'Oro brand if you can find it. Use 3/4 up of powder to 3 cups water.

2)  Kahlua is a rum based drink so use silver rum instead of vodka

3)  Some people say they mix in some brandy with vodka

4)  Is it bothering anybody, here, that Kalua's alcoholic content comes from RUM and not vodka? It really doesn't taste much like Kahlua when made with Vodka. Dark Rum.

Chocolate Kahlua Martini Recipe
Yields 5-6
12oz. Chocolate Liquor
6oz. KahluaWater or vodka for rimming glasses
6 candy canes crushed (food processor works great for this)
Combine chocolate liquor and Kahlua in glass pitcher, stir to combine. Rim glasses with crushed candy cane. Chill drink, serve and enjoy the holiday season!

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