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Earache Remedy

Ear Ache Remedy 
July 1, 2010/in Remedies & Recipes /by John Gallagher 
Recently, my son woke up in pain in the middle of the night saying his ear was in pain. 
I immediately put together my favorite ear ache remedy for him. At this point I wasn’t sure if it was an ear ache or an ear infection. 
In either case, I would treat it the same way AND I didn’t want it to get any worse. 
All I know is that it was inflamed and he was in pain. I just wanted his pain to go away. The first day it was in the left ear. I applied the ear ache treatment. 
Then I applied the ear ache remedy to the other ear the next night when it moved to the right ear. 
The third day, it was gone. 
The ear ache remedy I used worked really well. 
Here’s my ear ache remedy: 

1. I went and got my garlic oil. 
     I made this by crushing a bulb of garlic and putting it in a small jar (4 ounces or even a baby food jar). I then filled that jar with olive oil to the top and let it sit. 
     If you have an emergency, you could use some in about an hour after you get it going. Other wise, let it sit a day or more. 

2. I warmed up the oil a little past room temperature. 

3. I got a dropper and applied 2-3 drops in the affected ear. I put a little cotton on his ear. You can plug it in or tape a cotton ball on the ear. 

4. I Made sure he was laying down for 15-20 minutes. I just put a movie on for him to watch. 

You can apply this up to 4 times throughout the day. 

Any left over oil should be refrigerated

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