Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hard Boiled Eggs Pressure Cooker

Hard Boiled Eggs in Pressure Cooker

pour 1 cup of water in the bottom of the stainless steel pot. 
Put the rack in the pot over the water. 
Place your eggs on the rack (1 - 12 eggs). 
Make certain the seal is in your lid and cover and close lid until it locks in place.. 
Make sure the floating valve on the top is turned to the sealing mark. 
Then press manual on the face of your pot, and if High Pressure is not lit press that as well. 
Using the minus (-) key lower the time to 2 minutes. 
It will take a few minutes (10 or so) for the pot to raise the temp. 
Then the timer will start for your 2 minute cook. 
When done the pot will go automatically to warm. 
I leave eggs on warm for 10 minutes and then turn the floating valve to vent mark (use tongs or towel and do this carefully because hot steam will come out immediately). 
Wait until all the steam is released and open your pot and remove the eggs.
NOTE: Put in ice water right away.  Will be very easy to shell.--so they say...

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