Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Spaghetti--Pressure Cooker

Step 1: add 1 lb meat and break up with spatula ( you can leave raw or saute to brown with onion and garlic)
Step 2: break 1 lb spaghetti noodles or add noodle shape of choice 
Step 3: add 24 oz sauce
Step 4: add either a 24 oz jar full of water. A few cups if homemade ( or use broth for more depth of flavor). *****Use half jar of added liquid for less saucy consistency.
Step 5: set to 8 minutes manual
Step 6: stick a fork in it because you are done!! Add garlic bread if that's your thing and eat up.

Don't stir before cooking.  Let the cooker do the work.  Stir after cooking

*** Edited to add that you can do with frozen meat as well. It cooks for 8 minutes still. It just takes longer to get to come to pressure.

Edited again to add: 8 minutes is the time I use and is always perfect for us with the ingredients we use. LOTS of others are saying cook it for half the time your pasta package says. I am sticking with my 8 minutes because I've cooked this about 20 or more times and it's perfect at that time for us... Every time. Experiment with yours and see what the sweet spot is for you.

Can be done with Alfredo sauce as well.

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