Sunday, October 5, 2014

Laundry Stain Remover

I have fitzed around with this one for a while.  Here is how it goes...

Hydrogen Peroxide
Original Blue Dawn Dish Detergent
Eucalyptus Essential Oil--Just use the cheapest is fine.  I get NOW brand at GNC

Mix 2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide to 1 part Dawn.  Add about 1 oz Eucalyptus Essential Oil and put in dark spray bottle.  (many places have peroxide available in a brown bottle with sprayer on it--just get that and pour some of the peroxide into another peroxide container)

MY NOTE:  The Eucalyptus really adds to this and it takes odors out as well.

MY NOTE:  Eucalyptus oil straight will take out most stains that the above does not.  No other EO that I have tried has worked as well as Eucalyptus.  It even takes Pine Resin or Pine Sap out of clothing that I thought was a goner.  AND I have not had a problem with it taking the color out of clothing or making spots on any material on which I have used it--dark or light.

PINE RESIN or SAP.  I got hot pine sap on my black shorts (duck cloth) and tank top (t-shirt material).  I thought they were goners.  Here is what I did:
1)  put straight Eucalyptus or Lemon EO on the resin/sap
2)  let sit for an hour or so to soften
3)  Use a scrubby sponge to lightly scrub on fabric which will take out the softened resin
4)  Rinse under hot water (as hot as your bare hands can stand)
NOTE:  Do not use the green scrubbers as the green will transfer to the garment if it is light and then you have to work on getting that green coloring out which is tough!  Use a light colored scrubby sponge--white if you can find one--trust me!

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