Thursday, September 11, 2014

Anti-Viral Spray

This is from Jessie Hawkins and is a spray that can be used on door knobs, light switches, phones, etc. for viruses as opposed to bacteria but this will work on bacteria as well.

60 drops  Sweet Orange or red mandarin
40 drops lemon
30 drops lavender
20 drops melissa (very potent anti-viral)

mix all of the above into 1 oz vodka & 1 oz distilled water
Shake before use
Spray in house on phone, light switched, door knobs etc.

Can be used as a hand sanitizer if water isn't available.

Can also add the oils to Witch Hazel for a spray...2 oz of Witch Hazel

Per Marge Clark at Nature's Gift who I really trust, you can add Ravensara or Raventsara (milder for children) to antibacterial spray or soap to make anti-viral.

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